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Welcome to the Hard Rock Park

Hard Rock Park renamed Freestyle Music Park
211 George Bishop Parkway
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Welcome to the former Hard Rock Park of Myrtle Beach!

Where Rock Comes to Play! The former Hard Rock Park is a 55-acre rock 'n' roll theme park (on 140 acres) located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The park will be located between Highway 501 and the Intracoastal Waterway on the site of the former Waccamaw Factory Shoppes in Fantasy Harbour. Construction of the park began on July 13, 2006, with a groundbreaking ceremony featuring "Mount RockMore", a 3-story tall sand sculpture featuring the faces of John Lennon, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, and Jimi Hendrix. The park opened June 2, 2008. Filled with Myrtle Beach Attractions, Live Shows, and rides, Hard Rock Park a $400 million dollar investment and the largest tourism investment in the history of South Carolina. The park met with diffcult problems it could not overcome and closed. It filed for bankruptcy and is to be sold off. The park has been sold and renamed FREESTYLE MUSIC PARK.

Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Park Updates

We'd like to give a special thanks to the Hard Rock Park for all their support in our updates, podcasts and on-site tours.

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Update: 4/2/09 (Updated 6:58pm)

Update: 3/17/09

Update: 3/16/09

Update: 3/15/09

Update: 3/7/09

Update: 3/2/09

Update: 3/1/09

Update: 2/20/09

Update: 2/17/09

Update: 2/12/09 - 9:50pm

Update: 2/11/09 - 10:55pm

Update: 2/10/09

Update: 2/1/09

Update: 1/25/09

Update: 1/4/09

Update: 1/2/09

Update: 12/18/08

Update: 11/15/08

Update: 9/24/08

Update: 8/27/08 - 12:12pm

Update: 8/15/08

Update: 8/12/08

  • Satisfaction opens at Hard Rock Park.

Update: 8/5/08

Update: 7/18/08

Update: 7/5/08

Update: 7/4/08

Update: 6/10/08

Update: 6/9/08 - UPDATE 5:20pm

Update: 6/6/08 - URGENT UPDATE!!!!

Update: 6/4/08

Update: 6/3/08

Update: 6/2/08

Update: 6/1/08

Update: 5/29/08

Update: 5/22/08

Update: 5/9/08

Update: 5/8/08 - 5:55pm

  • Annual Passholder Day!
  • FIRST EVER LOOK! VIDEO ALERT! Maximum RPM! ferris wheel rolls!

Update: 5/5/08 at 7:10pm

Update: 5/2/08

Update: 4/30/08

Update: 4/24/08

Update: 4/23/08

Update: 4/22/08

Update: 4/16/08

Update: 4/15/08 - Updated 3:00pm

Update: 4/10/08

  • Video: Bohemian Rhapsody Night Show Spectactular!

Update: 4/9/08

  • Hard Rock Park's Night Show Spectacular annouced!!! Behold Bohemian Rhapsody!!!
  • Only 6 days left until Hard Rock Park's Sound Check (Soft Opening).
  • A new auction is currently underway to be the first to ride Led Zeppelin.

Update: 4/8/08

Update: 3/31/08

Update: 3/17/08

  • The countdown to HRP's annoucement is on! Information will be released on DMB at 10am.

Update: 3/14/08 - Updated: 5:52pm

Update: 3/14/08 - Updated: 5:52pm

Update: 3/14/08 - Updated: 11:30pm

  • Sneak Peak opens this morning!
  • All Access Entry Plaza coing together for Sneak Peak. See cool details!
  • Open for business! Cloud 9 Provisions is fully stocked!
  • Our "Sneak Peak of Hard Rock Park" Podcast has dropped! Listen up for speal information about Annual Passholder information.
  • Special announcement coming Monday!

Update: 3/9/08

Update: 3/7/08

Update: 3/5/08

Update: 3/3/08

Update: 2/29/08 - Updated 12:00am

Update: 2/28/08 - Updated 1:36pm

Update: 2/27/08 - Updated 3:48pm

  • Finally we got new photos online!
  • The outer shell of the giant Zeppelin is going on.

Update: 2/19/08

Update: 2/10/08 & 2/11/08 - 2:41pm

  • Holy Hard Rock! Here's the start of our BIG update!
  • A Word to Hard Rock Park: Thank you very much to Hard Rock Park. Not just for today's tour, but for ALL the tours and insight into everything that has progressed over the past year. We have come to value the trust they have put in us to provide our visitors with such amazing details on a level which we do not believe has been given to most organizations or individuals. We are sincerely grateful and happy to call you our friend. Now on to the tour!!!!
  • Work just about complete at All Access Entry Plaza.
  • The Kitchen Below is complete and turned over to the Park.
  • Magic Mushroom Garden gets final touches and mini-mushrooms sprout up.
  • The building for Roadies Stunt Show gets some final exterior work and equipment graces the stage.
  • All the King's Horses Carousel is under wraps.
  • It looks like removal of the plastic wrap is almost all that's left for London Cab.
  • Check out the latest on Maximum RPM!
  • First Look: Say hello to the "Heckle Cow".
  • The Codpiece Fish & Chips building still has work to be done.
  • Take a look at the progress of Rock & Roll Heaven.
  • Check out the all new Kids Rock! State Park page.
  • Phone Booths & Billboard around Born in the USA.
  • Midnight Rider has been testing. Also, check the knarled tree against the building.

Update: 2/7/08 - Updated 4:12pm

Update: 2/5/08

Update: 2/4/08

  • Railings and lighting are up in the Led Zeppelin hanger.
  • We have a new shot of the Cloud 9 Provisions building with logo.
  • Muddin Monster Race is all in place.
  • Malibu Beach Party gets some detail work and is prepped for the dive show.
  • A Jim Morrison mural is in All Access Entry Plaza.
  • Seats are in at the Roadies Stunt Show building.
  • All the Kings Horses is just about in place.
  • London Cab is almost complete.
  • New shot of the Mill Wheel at Wheelhouse Canteen.
  • Auditions for performers were held this weekend.
  • And Sadly: The green monster is going in. The perimeter fence has made its appearance on the Cool County side of the park. Crews are working along the Led Zeppelin side. So it's time to evoke a certain mantra - "It's better to beg forgiveness..." That's an inside joke. But if 11 million Mexicans can do it... That's another joke.

Update: 1/29/08

  • Hard Rock Park will be holding open auditions for various performers. Hard Rock Park is searching for talented rock stars, actors, improv artists, singers, dancers, stunt performers, costumed characters and of course- rock musicians.

Update: 1/25/08

Update: 1/24/08

Update: 1/23/08 - Updated 10:29pm

Update: 1/22/08 - Updated 6:24pm

Update: 1/21/08

Update: 1/16/08

Update: 1/08/08

Update: 12/16/07

Update: 12/12/07

Update: 12/11/07

  • Track is complete for Maximum RPM!, including the giant wheel!

Update: 12/5/07

  • New VIDEO of the first run for Led Zeppelin the Ride!

Update: 11/29/07

Update: 11/22/07

  • Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a quick update on Maximum RPM! as more track is added.

Update: 11/20/07

Update: 11/19/07

Update: 11/16/07

  • We had to revamp the latest poll, so go ahead and vote.
  • POLL: Have you heard of Hard Rock Park? A recent article in the Sun News claims that HRP is barely a blip on the radar and people haev not heard about the park opening. This is based on their finding at this year's IAAPA in Orlando. Take the poll.

Update: 11/15/07

Update: 11/14/07 @ 12:30pm

  • The Ferris Wheel supports for Maximum RPM! are going up.
  • MEMBERS ONLY: The Colossal Water Guitar in Rock & Roll Heaven is under construction.
  • New landscaping is going in.
  • Monster Muddin has been assembled.
  • Talk of a 2nd Hard Rock Park starts to simmer.

Update: 11/13/07 @ 9:30pm

  • After a month we've got a new update for Led Zeppelin. See pictures of the cars, hanger construction and roads.

Update: 11/6/07 @ 3:48pm

Update: 11/02/07

  • MEMBERS ONLY! Watch Part 2 of a Q&A session with Moody Blues on the new Nights in White Satin: The Trip -Dark Ride.
  • Hard Rock Park's job fair begins today from 12:30pm - 5:30pm.
  • Plenty on new work on our own Hard Rock Park section is available. Click around for more.

Update: 11/01/07 @ 1:57pm

Update: 10/31/07 @ 10:29pm

Update: 10/24/07 @ 5:02pm

  • The conclusion of our podcast: Hard Rock Park - A Whole Lotta Info: Part Two is up and running. After our tour through the park, we sat back down to discuss what's going on. Listen in as we talk about VIP Passes, Interactive areas, shows and attractions and more.

Update: 10/24/07 @ 10:40am
Look for a series of updates today as we release information and photos from our park walk-through tour yesterday.

  • A follow up to what we reported on Monday, the Waccamaw Factory Stores has been sold to the same group involved in the Hard Rock Park. Plenty is coming to the area.
  • Hard Rock Park will open it's gate to the general public on May 9, 2008.
  • Annual Passes include 10% Off shops & restaurants.
  • The icon guitar is expected to go in late November and will stand 60' tall. The entire structure will stand 80'.
  • The base for the Icon Guitar is complete.
  • The Statue of Liberty is set to grace Born in the USA. Lady Liberty will holding a guitar and wearing sunglasses on her pedestal.
  • We have a couple of new photos from Midnight Rider available. Also, Hard Rock expects the track to be completed in the next two weeks.
  • PLENTY more to come...

Update: 10/23/07 @ 8:30pm
Look for a series of updates today as we release information and photos from our park walk-through tour yesterday.

  • The archway to Rock & Roll Heaven from the All Access Entry Plaza has supports raised.
  • Over at Taste of Paradise Grill, sheet rock inside is done and windows are starting to go in.
  • The bridge to from Rock & Roll Heaven to British Invasion is framed out.
  • The pool at Malibu Beach Party now has tile work around the edge.
  • Tile work in the bathrooms has been installed and windows are starting to be added to The Kitchen Below.
  • It appears that a new fountain area is being installed just past the archway to Rock & Roll Heaven.
  • Our latest podcast: Hard Rock Park - A Whole Lotta Info is in the can. Any HRP fan will want to listen in as we actually get some information on release dates, opening dates, attractions, annual passes and a whole heap of goodies. This episode will be broken up into two parts as we took a break to travel through the park and then return to discuss everything we've seen.
  • More to come tomorrow. You won't want to miss the details around the park.

Update: 10/22/07 @ 8:02pm

  • We're just back from recording a special Hard Rock Park podcast for Discover Myrtle Beach Radio. We'll be posting the episode later tonight or tomorrow morning. There is PLENTY of information to talk about. We'll be talking about annual passes, attractions, games, events, websites, and a whole lot more.
  • Also, we took another tour of the park today. So much has been done and we've got plenty of photos to share so bare with us as we process everything. Here's a start...
  • Hard Rock Park will have a soft opening in April 2008 and open to the general public in May.
  • The all new website will be launched on November 1st!
  • All Access Entry Plaza is finishing up the exterior construction and moving inside many buildings. 22 Photos inside.
  • We have learned that the old Waccamaw Pottery has been sold to new owners for $21 million. No word yet on what will be placed in the location which sits between Highway 501 and Hard Rock Park.

Update: 10/19/07

  • We have been advised that Annual Pass sales have been pushed back to November 1, 2007.
  • More coming later today. Check back soon...

Update: 10/18/07 @ 4:50pm

Update: 10/11/2007 @ 7:06am
There is plenty to report today as construction has kicked into high gear around the entire park. We're working on getting photos up which are worth viewing, but we also have an update on what was general noticed.

  • Hard Rock Park has announced its Annual Pass program.
  • A simple pan around the park video has been added to the MEMBERS ONLY section.
  • Maximum RPM! construction is underway. Supports for the Ferris Wheel have been spotted.
  • Work on All the King's Horses seems to have part of a structure going up.
  • Construction for Just a Swingin's queue shed is underway.
  • The archway into Rock & Roll Heaven is starting to go up.
  • Inspectors were checking out pieces for coaster support and getting ready for Slippery When Wet.
  • Over at Shake Rattle & Rollercoaster, crews are working on the roof of the main hanger.
  • Cement is being poured into the hanger of Led Zeppelin.
  • At All Access Entry Plaza, construction workers continue work on the siding of the buildings.
  • Parts for Magic Mushroom Garden are onsite.

Update: 10/8/2007

  • Supports for Shake, Rattle and Rollercoaster are starting to get in place.
  • The winner of the Hard Rock Park Season Pass has been announced. Congratulations to Kevin Jones of Lumerton, NC.

Update: 10/7/2007

  • Here we go! Coaster pieces for Slippery When Wet have arrived. The site has already had the foundation supports prepped and ready for construction.

Update: 10/4/2007

Update: 9/27/2007

Update: 9/21/2007
Finally a new update. It's been a busy week for us, but here's your latest update:

  • A delay has caused Midnight Rider to temporarily halt track construction, but crews have gone ahead with more work on the frame of the main building and adding in most of the track supports.
  • Brickwork is being done to The Whammy Bar in the All Access Entry Plaza.
  • New British Invasion general construction on the old mall.
  • Additional work done on the Mill Wheel at the Wheel House Canteen.
  • The back wall of the Hard Rock Live Amphitheater is under construction.
  • Sara's Beach Walk kicked off yesterday. We took part in the 15 mile walk. Read our report on our trek.
  • More to come...

Update: 9/12/2007

  • Midnight Rider track construction begins!
  • Construction on the track for Led Zeppelin is almost complete. We have the newest photos of construction.
  • The mill wheel at the Wheel House Canteen has been installed. Plus, there's new theming in the area across from the building.
  • At the All Access Entry Plaza, plenty of work continues on roofs, siding, and carious other aspects.
  • The platform for the giant Icon Guitar is in place.
  • Remember to check out our Sara's Beach Walk donation contest to Win a Season Pass to Hard Rock Park.

Update: 9/7/2007

  • Construction continues on Led Zeppelin. The back hanger is also getting siding added.
  • More track pieces for Midnight Rider have arrived.
  • Additional work is being done to the exterior or the Wheel House Canteen. Plus stone work as progressed by the area for the mill wheel.
  • Remember to check out our Sara's Beach Walk donation contest to Win a Season Pass to Hard Rock Park.

Update: 9/6/2007

  • It appears that the center piece for Maximum RPM's! Ferris Wheel lift has been delivered to the site.
  • Remember to check out our Sara's Beach Walk donation contest to win a Season Pass to Hard Rock Park.

Update: 9/4/2007

  • New Coaster piecs for Led Zeppelin have arrived this morning. Look for work to continue.
  • The slab foundation for Just a Swingin' appears completed.
  • The slab for the south side of Midnight Rider hanger appears to be completed.

Update: 08/31/2007

Update: 08/28/2007

  • More photos from our exclusive walk-through, of the All Access Entry Plaza. Here we see the area outside the main gate. These are MEMBERS ONLY photos.

Update: 08/27/2007

  • From our exclusive walk-through, we bring you an up close and personal tour or the All Access Entry Plaza. Construction is moving along quickly and exterior construction is expected to be complete in October.
Update: 08/26/2007
  • We previously misreported a piece of Malibu Beach Party as par tof Reggae River Falls. This pieces is actually a dive platform for the dive show.
  • Ground work shows the location for Reggae River Falls cleared and so construction can begin when ready. Also More work on the structure has been completed at the front lot.
  • Close up on the whole Kitchen Below building. Most of the exterior work seems complete.

Update: 08/25/2007

Update: 08/24/2007 - 9:26pm

  • NEW: We've just added the latest in our "Magical Mystery Tour Through Hard Rock Park" series. We hope you enjoy our look at the Born in USA section in "Part Three - An American Idiot, Born in the USA".
  • NEW: "Part Four - A Little Bit Country" is now up and available which details our tour through Cool Country.
  • We'll continue our series in just a bit as we process more photos for your enjoyment.
  • A Brand New Page for the Great Meals Diner has been added complete with first look photos.
  • A couple of new shots of the Hard Rock Live Amphitheater are now available.
  • New Photos are are of our big update have been added to the Roadies Stunt Show.
  • Carnaby Street Cafe is still getting the exterior walls added to the steel frame.
  • We previous reported on the Garage Jam! Ballplay area incorrectly. The proper building is actually the Punk Pit. Details are on the all new page and part of Part Two of our tour.

Update: 08/23/2007

  • Well, let's let the cat out of the bag...We were treated to another exclusive tour through the Hard Rock Park today. So much has been completed which you can't see on the webcam. We were out in full force gathering information, photos, and panoramic virtual tours so we can bring you this latest update. There is so much information to sift through so please bare with us as we come down from our cloud and process everything. With that, we bring you a taste of what's in store. Read on to A Magical Mystery Tour Through Hard Rock Park - "Part One - Like a Kid in a Candy Store".
  • Our next entry is up as we travel through British Invasion with "Part Two - The British are Coming!"
  • Remember to check out Sara's Beach Walk.We'll be at the Backstage Tour this Saturday afternoon as Hard Rock Park announces more details about the special charity.

Update: 08/21/2007

  • Not only has steel framed roofing gone up on Led Zeppelin, we spotted electrical components being lifted in to the main hanger.
  • Framing continues at Shake, Rattle & Rollercoaster.
  • Parts for the Wheel House Canteen's water canal have brought to the site.
  • Clearly visible, the All Access Entry Plaza has the walkways and area around the front entrance paved.
  • Also, Discover Myrtle Beach is getting involved in the Sara Goodwin Foundation and will be giving away a season pass to the Hard Rock Park. To qualify, we will be taking donations for Sara's Beach Walk. Details coming shortly.

Update: 08/16/2007

  • Work begins on the Hard Rock Park Giant Guitar Icon.
  • More coaster pieces for Maximum RPM! arrive this morning. Plus construction continues on.
  • Led Zeppelin adds more track.
  • Crews prepare roof tiling for the Wheel House Canteen.

Update: 08/14/2007

Update: 08/13/2007

  • The second loop on Led Zeppelin the Ride was topped off this morning. It seems most of the supports for the coaster are now in place.
  • BREAKING NEWS: File this under "F" for FINALLY! Track pieces for Midnight Rider has arrived. Trucks were being uploaded this morning! We were onhand as the first piece was unloaded.
  • New work was spotted this morning around Maximum RPM!
  • The tiled roof has been added to the new on sections of the Country on the Rocks theater.
  • Security has done a great job at keep out intruders, but these guys seem to have gotten a free pass. Who do they know and why weren't we allowed.

Update: 08/11/2007

Update: 08/7/2007

It seems like its been a long time since we...oh we couldn't resist, sorry. Actually, its been about a week there hasn't been much to really report, although crews have been working daily to get things moving along. Here's the latest:

Update: 08/1/2007

Update: 07/31/2007

Update: 07/29/2007

Update: 07/27/2007

Update: 07/26/2007

Update: 07/24/200

Update: 07/23/2007

Led Zeppelin prepares for the Cobra Roll.

Update: 07/20/2007 - Update Shortly This Afternoon

  • Led Zeppelin finishes it's loop and then some.
  • A second business ties in to the theme park craze. (Information Coming Shortly)
  • Want to know more and get exclusive updates & photos? Join our Forum today.

Update: 07/17/2007

  • Led Zeppelin gets it's loop on!
  • More construction for Reggae River Falls.
  • Give yourself to the Dark Ride.
  • Footers are being poured for the Midnight Rider building.
  • A finished roof for the Hard Rock Live Amphitheater.

Update: 07/14/2007

  • The Codpiece Fish and Chips in British Invasion is standing in cinder block form.
  • The Carnaby Street Cafe in British Invasion has been raised and the roof is already on.
  • The Garage Jam Ballplay building is up in Born in the USA. It was actually one of the first building that was started.
  • Great Meals Diner currently has most of the exterior cinderblock walls built.

Update: 07/13/2007

Update: 07/12/2007

  • Discover Myrtle Beach Radio launches our newest Podcast with special guest, Kerry Graves from the Hard Rock Park.
  • Friday, 7/13/07 marks the 1 year anniversary since the ground breaking at the park. To celebrate we will be on hand for a special Topping Off Ceremony for more photos and interviews.
  • It appears that footers have been poured for the building at the Midnight Rider coaster.

Update: 07/11/2007

Update: 07/9/2007

  • Special Hard Rock Park update in our Podcast this Thursday, June 12th. Stay tuned.

Update: 07/8/2007

  • Ever higher! The second piece of track for the first hill of the Led Zeppelin coaster is attached. The coaster is now visible from quite a distance away.
  • More buildings around the Rock & Rock Heaven area have their final exterior side and roof added.
  • The front of the Roadies Stunt Show building visibly shows details compared to the scale model in the Backstage Tour.
  • Footers for the Midnight Rider coaster seem to have been completed.
  • We previously did not mention this, but the ticket booths in front of the All Access Entry Plaza are in place. They have been there for a few weeks.
  • One of the wooden play structures for Reggae River Falls has been painted. Also, the back of the building where this area will be is being worked on.
  • The Theme Park Pizzeria (just outside the park and no relation) has removed their sign yet again. We are unsure what the final outcome will be.

Update: 07/4/2007

  • Family Season Pass Price - We're not sure if anyone has noticed this before, but it looks like we'll be seeing the Hard Rock Park Family Season Pass cost about $300.00. By looking at the winners for the Hard Rock monthly drawing, you will notice they mention the approximate retail value of the Annual pass as $300.00. According tot eh Hard Rock Park website, a Family Season Pass to Hard Rock Park is for up to 6 family members.

Update: 07/3/2007

  • Things are really moving along at the Led Zeppelin Coaster. Crews are ready to attach the second piece of track to the first hill. Plus, workers are adding cinder block to the base of the hanger for the ride.
  • Over at the All Access Entry Plaza, a second tower has been framed. We've also noticed street lamps that have been added to the area.
  • The back of the Roadies Stunt Show building seems to have have the cinder block backing completed.
  • More pieces have been for the Reggae River Falls play area has been built in the front area on the opposite side of the park.
  • Originally we classified a couple of pieces in the same lot as those which were for Cloud 9 Provisions. However, there is a possibility that these other pieces may have been for Reggae River Falls from the beginning.
  • More of the exterior construction for the Country on the Rocks building has been completed.
  • Finally, here's something a couple of people have been talking about offsite. There is a new restaurant opening next to the park. It's the Theme Park Pizzeria. Way back, this building used to be a Burger King and remained closed for quite some time. Recently, remodeling began on the building it be called "Theme Park Pizzeria and More", but the sign was torn down over the past weekend and a new sign was erected.

Update: 06/27/2007

  • BIG UPDATE! Led Zeppelin is reaching to the heavens. The first major piece of track for the first hill is in place. Workers were are busy attaching the track to the existing structure. Also the bridge over the lagoon for construction equipment is much further along and footers are being driven into the water.
  • Track is being laid out in the parking lot for Maximum RPM! We can't be sure, but it seems like more track has been delivered, but it may just be the pieces spread out.
  • The cinder block walls we believe is for the backstage area of the Hard Rock Live amphitheater seems to be near completion.
  • One of the towers at the front entrance in the All Access Entry Plaza has been framed.
  • Workers were also spotted building more wooden framed we now believe are for Reggae River Falls, in the Rock and Roll Heaven section. It includes a giant water bucket which should be for the top of the structure.
  • Side note: A construction worker was taking our photographer's photograph as he took photos himself. Next time come over and say hello. Many workers have stopped to say hello and pose for a quick shot. Feel free to do the same.

Update: 06/25/2007

  • More additions have been made to the Led Zeppelin Coaster. But it's not the hill. Check out the track adjacent to the starting point.
  • We've got a new photo of track for Maximum RPM! Not 100% sure if it's new track or they started spreading them out, but it's worth a look.
  • Over at the Backstage Tour, video projection on the floor, in the Cool County section, has changed. Instead of the original spiders that chase you feet. You can now step on bugs and squish them till their green guts come out. Also, they have added a Banjo, which makes you play like a pro.

Update: 06/20/2007

  • A new coaster has arrived! Originally, we believed the red track belonged to Midnight Rider, considering all the work and and activity around that part of the site. We do have a couple of new photos of the site. However, we have been informed that the gauge of the track appears more like a similar track used by Premier Rides rather than a heavier track used by Vekoma, who is believed to be making Midnight Rider. So we are now under the impression that the rails are actually for Maximum RPM!
  • At the Led Zeppelin Coaster, the gears that run the lift for the first hill have been installed. Also, a new support beam and the next rail for the first hill are positioned under the existing structure and will be erected next week.
  • The cinderblock outline of the Wheel House Canteen has been raised.
  • A trench for what appears to be the Shake, Rattle 'n Rollercoaster appears to be under construction.

Update: 06/15/2007

  • The Led Zeppelin Coaster is currently being raised. The first hill has just been started. Also, a special bridge over the lagoon is being constructed so construction equipment can work on the portion of coaster that will travel out over part of the lagoon. More coaster parts arrived this morning.
  • In other coaster news, it appears that work as continued on the Midnight Rider Coaster over in the Cool Country section of the park. Crews were spotted working in the area and miscellaneous barbed wire and small pieces of steel have been laid out around the area.
  • More construction to the outside structure of the Country on the Rocks theater is underway.
  • The Roadies Stunt Show theater now has part of the back cement wall added.
  • Many other buildings are in the framing stages.

Update: 06/04/2007

  • The entire park is bursting with activity as buildings are now being raise through the park and things are taking shape.
  • Updated photos of the Roadies Stunt Show Construction as the steel roof has been added. It looks as if construction has begun on either Codpiece Fish-n-Chips or Queen's Head Pub.
  • Updated photo of the Reggae River Falls Building. Photo 1, 2
  • Updated photo of Muscle Beach Shop in Rock & Roll Heaven.
  • Main supports for the massive steel frame of Led Zeppelin the Ride, are almost complete.
  • New video added of LCD Video Screen on Highway 501, just outside the park.
  • New video of Preview center Model Room: All Access Entry Plaza & Rock & Roll Heaven Layout.
  • We've also noticed that the Hard Rock Ticket System mentions purchasing a guaranteed day into the park. Previously the system said May 25, 2008, then May 29, 2008. Now we are at June 4, 2008. It appears that the system does not work just right yet from our point of view and updates each day. Original thoughts were that the park was opening at least May 25, 2008. But we do not know for sure. But the administration offices tell us every is still on schedule. With all the construction, that appears to be a good bet as of now.

Update: 05/30/2007

  • A new LCD Video Screen has been added to the Waccamaw Factory Stores parking lot, by the overpass toward the Intracoastal waterway. The screen displays the Hard Rock Park logo and a quick POV animation of Led Zeppelin.

Update: 05/24/2007 - 5:30pm

  • Updated photos Roadies Stunt Show Construction
  • Updated photos of planted trees near All Access Entry Plaza
  • New Photos of Led Zeppelin Coaster construction
  • Main Watch Tower Structure for Cloud 9 Provisions now on-site
  • New Photo of the base supports for Maximum RPM!
  • Preview Center now allows guests to sit on the Carousel Horse in British Invasion & the Motorcycle for Midnight Rider to get a photo opportunity.
  • Hard Rock Park website offers tickets starting on May 25, 2008. This is not the set date for the opening, but as of today, we are at most one year away from the opening.

Update: 05/20/2007 - 11:50am

Update: 05/19/2007

Construction, Additions, and News! Oh, My!
Posted: May 17, 2007
It has been an eventful day at the Hard Rock Park. Not only has most of the Led Zeppelin Coaster arrived at the construction site, but there have been a lot of developments that we have learned. We have received word that the frame for Led Zeppelin the Ride should be started in mid-June and the coaster should begin testing in December of this year.

Believe it or not, but landscaping has already arrived at the site. About a dozen 20' trees have been seen in the parking lot area, near the parks future entrance.

Also, at the construction site, the steel frame for the front of the Roadies Stunt Show building has been erected. We're sure to see the rest of the building raised soon. Many other buildings are also taking shape around the park. Plus, addition to the exterior of the old Ice Castle Theater, which will become the home of Country on the Rocks Ice Show, is well underway.

If you're looking to snag a few photos of your own, you better get them in now. Coming soon, construction will begin on the final perimeter fence which will surround the park.

Over at the Preview Center, an addition to the Model Room shows a new monitor which displays the model on screen showing the locations of all the attractions, shops, and restaurants.

If you're looking for information on the Dark Ride, mums the word at the administration offices. Don't expect this released till possible close to the last quarter of 2007.

Led Zeppelin Coaster Arrives at Construction Site
Posted: May 9, 2007
Pieces of the Led Zeppelin Coaster have arrived at the Hard Rock Park construction site. Upon closer inspection, some of the more notable pieces are...
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Coaster Under Construction
Posted: May 3, 2007
The roar of bulldozers and thunderous claps driving beams into the earth are in full swing as construction of Led Zeppelin The Ride continues...
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Hard Rock Park Preview Center Photo Gallery
Updated: April 27, 2007
Welcome to the big show! The Hard Rock Theme Park Preview Center opened this morning and we have taken over 100 photos, videos and Panoramic 360 degree tours of the center. Below are thumbnails images which link to full size photos for your enjoyment. Panoramic 360 degree photos and video will be shortly, along with concert videos from the show, and many more photos. Enjoy!
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Hard Rock Theme Park Preview Center Virtual Tour
Posted: April 26, 2007
Take a Virtual Tour inside the Hard Rock Park Preview Center. Watch the rooms spin. No, this is not the 70's again, but you can take a tour of Lost in the 70's and the other rooms at the Preview Center. Scroll around 360 degree as though your standing right there.
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Hard Rock Park Preview Center Concert
Update: April 26, 2007
Check our photos from the Hard Rock Concert as five band performed live, including Sister Hazel.
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Hard Rock Park Preview Center Video Gallery
Posted: April 19, 2007 - 6:09pm
Five great acts performed at the April 18th concert for the Hard Rock Park Preview Center Grand Opening. Here are a couple of videos from the performances and a quick video from inside the preview center.

Article: Hard Rock Theme Park Preview Center Review
Posted: April 19, 2007
Welcome back my friends, to the show never ends. I'm so glad I could attend. Come inside. Come inside...
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Article: Kick Off Concert for the Hard Rock Theme Park
Posted: April 19, 2007
The crowds started to gather at 3pm for the last leg of the Hard Rock Theme Park Concert tour at the site of the first ever rock and roll theme park. The free concert, which was open to the public, featured five musical groups which kicked off at...
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