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Offer Made to Buy Freestyle Rides But Owner

Says "Nyet"

May 31, 2011 - By Discover Myrtle Beach

Sources tell Discover Myrtle Beach of the latest rumors swirling around Freestyle Music Park and that the "mystery guests", who recently toured Freestyle, made an offer to purchase some of the park's rides.

Freestyle Music ParkHowever, sources also say the Russian owners declined the offer and it may be possible that they have paid off their liens in full. Unconfirmed reports state this would mean the Russian owners now own everything they inside the park outright and may be holding out to sell the park as a whole...for the right price, but nothing can be confirmed.

In April, rumors circulated that offers to buy the park were made, but at a price the owners were not willing to accept. Nothing concrete was announced.

Freestyle Music Park closed in 2009 after just one season.