Pat Boone Family Theater Construction Pat Boone Family Theater Construction
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Pat Boone Theater Construction Well Underway

July 22, 2011 - By Discover Myrtle Beach

As the sweltering summer heat grips the area, renovations continue on the new Pat Boone Family Theater in Myrtle Beach.

We were recently given a tour of the building by Illusionist, Morgan Strebler, who will be performing at the theater later this year.

Stebler is the winner of the 2011 Merlin Award, which is one of the most prestigious honors given by The International Magicians Society and is considered the Oscar of the magic industry.

Morgan Strebler
A view from the stage area looking out to the audience.

Even though the former home of the NASCAR Grille is
completely gutted, Strebler works a little magic to describe the new renovations, so we can imagine seeing the Pat Boone Theater in all it's soon-to-be glory.

The circular building is basically divided into two sections. Imagine an outer ring which circles the building and an inner core which will become the theater itself.

Upon entering the building, the outer ring will be home to the Illusions Ultra Lounge, which Strebler says will include luxury seating, where guests can enjoy gourmet refreshments, cocktails and coffees. Currently, the facility only reveals a concrete floor and concrete walls, with little reminder of its previous owner. But our guided tour revealed the interesting layout of the Ultra Lounge's location. The sophisticated atmosphere which will soon appear through the halls will provide dancing on two floors, with music provided by a DJ. A magician walk the lounge, doing close-up magic for guests and bartenders, at the lounge's main bar location will perform a little magic of their own.

The theater itself, where Strebler's will preform his show, will be state-of-the-art and include 600 seats set in a semi-circle around the stage. It will provide an intimate feel to the theater as there is only 50 feet separating the back row of the audience to the stage.

As we toured the main theater room, we were able to get a sense of the audience's proximity to the stage. No doubt the seating placement is well thought out, so each guest will have a good view of the stage.

Standing on the area of the coming stage, Strebler showed us his point of view where his will perform his show.

Pat Boone himself will grace the stage about 14 years a year, with performances by his family and about 100 artists, who have committed to the theater through Boone's own record label.

Just recently, the exterior of the building began it's transformation with a new coat of paint.

The $5 million renovation is still expected to be completed in August.

Show pricing is currently listed as $24.95 for matinees and $34.95 for evening performances. Children's tickets will run $6.95-$8.95.