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Led Zeppelin Coaster Arrives at Construction Site
Posted: May 9, 2007
Pieces of the Led Zeppelin Coaster have arrived at the Hard Rock Park construction site. Upon closer inspection, some of the more notable pieces are rails with wheels, the staircase which should following the first hill climb and a section for a turn or loop (Most likely a loop). Plenty of other pieces have been laid out on the west side of the coaster's final location, in a parking area. Another worth mentioning bit is that the steel framing for concert venue over in Born in the USA has been raised.

Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park

Coasters Under Construction
Posted: May 3, 2007

The roar of bulldozers and thunderous claps driving beams into the earth are in full swing as construction of Led Zeppelin The Ride continues. Currently, crews are not only working on the supports which are driven into the ground, but the base of the Zeppelin hanger is taking shape.

In our most recent tour of the area, we learned that each car on 150 foot Led Zeppelin coaster will be equipped with mid range speakers and riders will be sitting on a sub-woofer. A representative at the Preview Center compared the Led Zeppelin compared the ride to the Rockin' Roller Coaster at MGM Studios at Disney and said, "It's a pretty serious coaster...It's different."

Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park
Hard Rock Park

Over at another part of the park, the Maximum RPM coaster features a Ferris wheel style loader will take your coaster's car up to the top in the Ferris wheel lift and when you transfer to the track, guests will plunge down at 4g's.

The park itself has been granted permits to stay open until 2am. So prepare for a late night capped off with fireworks and laser show.


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